Tommy’s Wired and Mommy’s Tired is a book for moms everywhere, and especially for moms with high-energy children. This is not a book on how to change your child, but rather on how to stay encouraged and manage yourself while you navigate the challenging work of motherhood.

Bonus free chapter: My high-energy son, now grown, wrote the last chapter of the book. Moms, click here for a free read of his chapter and be encouraged by his look in the rear view mirror!

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“I’ve Failed As a Mom…”

Silencing the Mom Guilt


30 Seconds for Hope:  Countless moms wilt under a thought of I’ve failed as a mom when their child struggles. Have you faced that mom guilt? If so, consider this: You impact your child, but you’ll never have the last word about his or her mature choices. This means no one should ever declare you to be the ultimate reason for your child’s mess-ups. Even if you could have been an ideal mom, your child’s life could still go awry because kids have choices, too. A mother isn’t an all-powerful determiner of destiny.  So have you been discouraged, thinking “I’ve failed as a mom?” Silence that thought with this reality: “I impact my child, but I’m not the end of their story.” Now that’s more like it. Why?

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Dear Mom of the Meltdown Kid,

We’re Not Mad at You!


30 Seconds for Hope: When your child throws a fit in public, you can easily imagine the whole world is blaming you. Isn’t that right? You wonder if the people around you are irritated, just wishing you would get that child under control. Well, take heart! Most of us watching that tantrum realize it takes time for kids to mature. Kids will be kids—no matter where they are. So whenever you’re dealing with a meltdown in public, remember that many of us are empathizing with you rather than faulting you, and we’re applauding your patient endurance through the tantrum. We’re not mad at you. Really!

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