Tommy’s Wired and Mommy’s Tired:

Help for Moms of High-Energy Kids (And Tips for Family and Friends)

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Through touching stories of life with her son, Rita offers hugs laced with hope for mommas of super-active children. Practical, comforting words display understanding of all the weary, stressful moments that come with mothering. Beyond encouraging mommas, Rita shows friends how to walk supportively alongside. Her candid stories and specific, creative solutions focus on embracing grace and joy in the midst of hyperactive chaos.

Kelli Jordan, Leadership Development Manager,

MOPS International


This is a delightful book full of insight and important information to help busy moms and dads parent their “extra energy” child—infant to teen. Parenting is the best and hardest job we will ever have, and Rita’s book provides encouragement on the journey.

Cameron Meers, Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist, and

Dan Meers, Professional NFL Mascot (KC Wolf, Kansas City Chiefs)


Rita writes as a mom who knows what it’s like to be in the trenches of motherhood. She fights hard to remind us all of the greatness of the calling, but with the compassion of one who has stood in our place. I read Rita’s book while in a hectic season of caring for my four young children, including a super-active toddler, and I found her book very readable for busy moms. Her words of wisdom came as a call to hope and perseverance, even when my house resembled more of a war zone than a snapshot from a lifestyle magazine.

Kim Vanderhorst,
mother of four


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