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The Upside in the Downside of a Non-Sleeping, Inconsolable Baby


30 Seconds for Hope – Do you know a mom who is awake most nights with a wailing baby? Maybe it’s been for weeks—or maybe more? Or maybe you’re in that place right now? The arrival of a colicky baby can be quite a shock, and soon you fight despair. It takes courage to get through those unrelenting days and nights. I found courage through Continue reading “The Upside in the Downside of a Non-Sleeping, Inconsolable Baby”


Hyper. Active. Yikes!


30 Seconds for Hope –  Two-year-old Charlie dangled upside down from the top of the sofa—yet in a split-second he was catapulting to the floor and racing down the hallway, banging his fists. Turning to point his finger at me, he yelled, “Bang! I shot you!”  “Charlie, we don’t shoot people—not even pretend,” I retorted. Ignoring me, he kicked his teddy bear and ran on. My super-active child’s endless jumping, throwing, Continue reading “Hyper. Active. Yikes!”


Hope on the Fly for Moms on the Go

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30 Seconds for Hope – During my years of raising a hyperactive son, busyness and stress often set a trap to discourage me. Yet in the time-cracks of those days, hope would arrive when someone—anyone—would offer words of encouragement. Just a few seconds of truth-telling could rekindle my optimism. Tidbits of truth convinced me the future was bright! Since it often just took a few seconds, Continue reading “Hope on the Fly for Moms on the Go”