The “Good Parent” Controversy – Influence vs. Determinism


30 Seconds for Hope: Here’s a puzzle…sometimes bad parents end up with good children (what?)—and, on the other hand, some good parents end up with bad children (plus lots of blame from society). Yet often books on parenting and conversations on child-raising, and even mommy blogs, imply that good parenting skills will produce good children. What gives? Frequently commentary on parenting springs from Continue reading “The “Good Parent” Controversy – Influence vs. Determinism”

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Use This One Trick To Transform Worry into Benefit (Hint: Jump!)


30 Seconds for Hope: Fears and dangers are real! So a downward spiral of worry is hard to shake. But I’ve learned a simple trick that creates benefit out of worries—a swimming pool analogy that reminds me to jump to overriding truths. Whenever I recognize I’m worried, I don’t guilt myself about being worried but instead just say, “Time to jump!” Worries can become helpful reminders that Continue reading “Use This One Trick To Transform Worry into Benefit (Hint: Jump!)”

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The Upside in the Downside of a Non-Sleeping, Inconsolable Baby


30 Seconds for Hope – Do you know a mom who is awake most nights with a wailing baby? Maybe it’s been for weeks—or maybe more? Or maybe you’re in that place right now? The arrival of a colicky baby can be quite a shock, and soon you fight despair. It takes courage to get through those unrelenting days and nights. I found courage through Continue reading “The Upside in the Downside of a Non-Sleeping, Inconsolable Baby”


Dear Mom of the Meltdown Kid, We’re Not Mad at You!


30 Seconds for Hope – When your child throws a fit in public, you can easily imagine the whole world is blaming you. Isn’t that right, moms? You might wonder if the people around you are irritated, just wishing you would get that child under control. Well, take heart! Most of us watching that tantrum Continue reading “Dear Mom of the Meltdown Kid, We’re Not Mad at You!”

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Post-Holiday Recovery Tips for Moms


30 Seconds for Hope – Are you exhausted after all the exertions of the holiday season? Are you feeling a little down, or maybe even edgy? It’s time for holiday recovery! Moms, don’t feel bad if you and your children need to take some time to recharge. Give yourself a break while you realistically assess your needs and prioritize refreshment. Continue reading “Post-Holiday Recovery Tips for Moms”