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Z is for Zap the Zebra: The Sting of Comparison (and the Zap Vest)


30 Seconds for Hope – Children get compared, and usually some child comes up short. Slower development. Not as smart. Behaviorally challenged. Have you ever suffered the sting of someone unfavorably comparing your zebra child with the horse herd? Yet differences aren’t wrong. They’re just… different. To be protected from those comparison zaps, Continue reading “Z is for Zap the Zebra: The Sting of Comparison (and the Zap Vest)”


Dear Mom of the Meltdown Kid, We’re Not Mad at You!


30 Seconds for Hope – When your child throws a fit in public, you can easily imagine the whole world is blaming you. Isn’t that right, moms? You might wonder if the people around you are irritated, just wishing you would get that child under control. Well, take heart! Most of us watching that tantrum Continue reading “Dear Mom of the Meltdown Kid, We’re Not Mad at You!”

Time to Refresh

Post-Holiday Recovery Tips for Moms


30 Seconds for Hope – Are you exhausted after all the exertions of the holiday season? Are you feeling a little down, or maybe even edgy? It’s time for holiday recovery! Moms, don’t feel bad if you and your children need to take some time to recharge. Give yourself a break while you realistically assess your needs and prioritize refreshment. Continue reading “Post-Holiday Recovery Tips for Moms”


Hyper. Active. Yikes!


30 Seconds for Hope –  Two-year-old Charlie dangled upside down from the top of the sofa—yet in a split-second he was catapulting to the floor and racing down the hallway, banging his fists. Turning to point his finger at me, he yelled, “Bang! I shot you!”  “Charlie, we don’t shoot people—not even pretend,” I retorted. Ignoring me, he kicked his teddy bear and ran on. My super-active child’s endless jumping, throwing, Continue reading “Hyper. Active. Yikes!”


Hope on the Fly for Moms on the Go

Andrew in hanging high chair05022016 - Copy

30 Seconds for Hope – During my years of raising a hyperactive son, busyness and stress often set a trap to discourage me. Yet in the time-cracks of those days, hope would arrive when someone—anyone—would offer words of encouragement. Just a few seconds of truth-telling could rekindle my optimism. Tidbits of truth convinced me the future was bright! Since it often just took a few seconds, Continue reading “Hope on the Fly for Moms on the Go”