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A Magic Phrase To Help Children Respond

30 Seconds for Hope:

After instructing children, do you tack on a common query of “Okay?”  You wonder whether they’ve heard you, but unfortunately, the question “Okay?” also means, “Do you want to do this?” To avoid confusing our children, let’s replace “Okay?” with words that actually mean what we say. I replaced it with two words that worked wonders in my household. What are they? Read on!

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Z is for Zap the Zebra: The Sting of Comparison (and the Zap Vest)


30 Seconds for Hope – Children get compared, and usually some child comes up short. Slower development. Not as smart. Behaviorally challenged. Have you ever suffered the sting of someone unfavorably comparing your zebra child with the horse herd? Yet differences aren’t wrong. They’re just… different. To be protected from those comparison zaps, Continue reading “Z is for Zap the Zebra: The Sting of Comparison (and the Zap Vest)”